Release 1.0

On this page the results files can be downloaded, where all results can be downloaded in *.csv .

Anatation results

These archives contains the GO annotations of SCOP domains in the SDADB database.
SDADB annotatioins sdadb.tar.gz
#Domain             ID         	    Ontology			Name                           	Score   
d1te0a2      	GO:0006508   	biological_process	proteolysis            			0.868
d1te0a2		GO:0004252	molecular_function	serine-type endopeptidase activity	0.416
d1te0a2		GO:0016787	molecular_function	hydrolase activity			0.18
  • Domain: the SCOP domain ID
  • ID: the GO ID
  • Ontology: the Gene Ontology type
  • Name: the Gene Ontology name
  • Score: the probability score

Protein-domain mapping data

These archives contains the protein-domain mapping results based on large-scale all-against-all structure alignments.
Mapping results alignments.tar.gz
#Protein	Domain          PSD	 RMSD	  SAS   
1TE0_A		d1te0a2		0	 0	  0
2QGR_A		d1te0a2		0.03	 0.9	  0.5	
3LGY_A		d1te0a2		0.04	 0.99	  0.6
  • Protein: protein ID
  • Domain: SCOP domain
  • PSD: PSD score
  • RMSD: RMSD score
  • SAS: SAS score