To query the GO annotations of a domain in the SDA database, please enter its SCOP accession number (e.g. d1te0a2) or its PDB ID (e.g. 1TE0), or you can search the domain name (e.g. Stress sensor protease DegS),you can also search its Classfication (e.g. Trypsin-like serine proteases),and click enter to view the results.


SDADB is a database of predicted annotations for structural (SCOP) domains using an integrated approach. Predicted annotations are assigned a likelihood using a Bayesian framework that combines structrue-based protein-domain mapping, InterPro domain, PSSM prfile and sequence homolog information. The SDADB database now contains 3,482,316 GO annotations for 211,282 SCOP domains with a probability >0.1. Of these, 1479,652 annotations for 204,948 domains have a probability >0.5. Also, SDADB provides protein-domain mappings for over 191,060 PDB structures.


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